Sometimes, I just want freedom. On being disapproved of the freedom I feel hate-rate for the people who are controlling over my  life. Why don’t they understand the fact that this life is mine and not theirs.

This feeling is like my life has been hijacked by the people whom I trust, love  and care about  bout they don’t do the same in return.At this time I’m have two feelings driving me go  crazy. One is from my mind and the other is from my heart. Right now, I don’t really know whom to listen. Mind gives this feeling of hate-rate, anger on the other hand, heart makes it difficult by bringing the feeling of love.

At this time I don’t really know whom to listen. Many people say “Always listen to your heart.” but right now I am confused whom to listen. And I just feel like giving it all up and fight for this disapproval but again I can’t hurt people whom I love. I just need someone whom I can share everything…

The Other Side


I never thought much about of what’s there on the other side of life, the life after death. But somethings make us think about it. They make us think about it often and soon this often turns to daily. People think that death is the ultimate destiny they think there is an afterlife on the other side but actually it is the time that we spend to reach the death which is actually THE LIFE!

Death is not the final destination, who knows, about what’s there in the other side of the world, there could be a more evil world, no offence but I personally believe that there is no other side, it is here or nowhere.

For when I lie on my deathbed, it would be the moments that I lived through and not thoughts about the other side that would matter to me. The life that you are living THAT’S what you’re destined to…

Soon starting a vlog section on meinewalt, to give you a small dip in my life..

Little thing called life!


Novi Sad

Sometimes things in life don’t turn out the way you ever wanted. At those times you feel like running away from everything that makes you feel sad. Though, every time this happens it makes you stronger from within. Sometimes one may use this as a strength for nothing but some people who use it wisely, create wonders “the real masterpiece”. One may regret making choices in life because they don’t turn up the way they expected the truth is that’s what they call LIFE..



Thoughts could be the best as well as the worst things.. Most of us have a thought in the morning and then we carry to think over it all through out the day and sometimes even dream about it. Even though we know that somethings cannot happen the way we want, we still think over it again and again and again. The problem is we refuse to accept the fact that somethings are not meant for us because there is something better coming up ahead for us..

I sometimes just take a little time off un-connected from everything spend a little time with myself! This helps me to know the inner part of me that wants to come out, the real me. All of us have some feelings to show, some words to say and yet we don’t express them the reason behind this is the fact that we let our ego come in  between. And sometimes it happens that we want to let out all the things but we can’t because of the situation that is in front of us.

When I started to think about what I really am, I realized that I am not that person who wants to seek attention but just want to express my feelings. The weirdest part of these feelings are that when I try to express them I simply run out of words. And especially when you are a teenager, you have the feelings that could be the most amazing like “crush on someone” as well as the darkest fear like “being rejected”. By  just being yourself  and spending time over yourself  just opens up a way to beyond  everything a world where you feel like there are no more sorrows and all people in your life are there for a special reason.

Probably, that’s why God has gifted us with friends with whom we share everything and fear nothing…


You can­not fight dark­ness by resolv­ing to erad­i­cate dark­ness.

Instead you must com­mit to gen­er­at­ing light.



Sorry readers, wasn’t able to communicate since many days.. Was busy doing other stuff.. And soon I’ll be back on track, with new posts and articles.

Life has come to a standstill being without meinewalt… Its hard to believe that I didn’t post since past 1 month.. Its interesting reading your stories and e-mails. Thanks for all your love…

I’m gonna go a lil unconnected for a while.. So won’t be posting in the neartime.. But I promise from 17th March I’ll be regularly posting here..


Once again Thank You..!!



New beginning with #2012


Sorry readers, was busy past few days with studies and other stuff,so didn’t get time to write something here.With the year #2011 ending down #2012 rising up, I guess everyone must have started planning about the forthcoming year.. Thinking about how you are gonna start your New Year, writing down your New Year Resolutions, dreaming about how will it be by the end of next year.Its same here.. I too have planned some resolutions, some dreams and somethings I want to achieve in the upcoming year.

It’s the time of year for reflections on what we’ve done and what we intend (though both take us out of the moment). I keep seeing references to bucket lists, which seem related to that reflection on doing and intending so I’ve been reflecting on such lists and wondering again whether I should have one and why I can’t seem to get too interested.

They usually seem to involve places that must be visited or hair-raising things to do like sky diving and snorkeling—or inventing the new sport of sky diving in snorkeling gear into the ocean –or seeing some long list of famous sites or countries, etc. And the idea is that you won’t end up feeling satisfied with your life if you haven’t completed your list. I think its better keeping it simple and make a to-do thing for the upcoming year.

My Bucket List for #2012

  • Enjoy each and every moment spent with family and friends.
  • Make new friends.
  • Learn speaking a new language.
  • Stop hating some exceptional people
  • Try to  lend a helping hand to the needful.
  • Reduce ‘student’ stress by squeezing Yoga into my day