Music is Life!!

Through the years I have heard various artists,
but I think nothing can replace the melody a certain few
have created. Be it Queen or MJ to even R.D. Burman,
these phenomenal personalities have left their melodious
harmonies for us which no one can ever replace..

Michael Jackson : This man is the ultimate Music Legend in true sense. I would love to dance to his tunes. I remember even trying to imitate his famous moon walk at parties as a child. Be it Thriller or Billie Jean or even Black or White I could just go on and on about his music that I love. It’s very difficult to pick one through such variety and such harmonies that he has left behind for us . His death was a true loss for us all and I honestly would truly miss listening to his harmonies.

R.D Burman : Universally recognized as Pancham Da this musical maestro made an iconic name for himself through his musical talent. Be it romantic numbers like Yeh Sham Mastani or even Pyaar Diwana Hota Hain to even famous dance hits like Duneya Mein Logon Ko to even Dekha Na Haye Re his harmonies have been passed through generations and I still cannot get enough of it. According to me his music started an entire new genre for the Bollywood Industry as a whole.

Queen : This Rock Band made a phenomenal mark for themselves during the 70’s and 80’s . They had many hits to add to their credit but my favorites among all of their songs would have to be “I want to break Free” , “Crazy Little thing called Love” and even “Under Pressure”. The power in the voice and the music is undoubtedly the best I have ever heard.


Through the years there have been many bands, many voices that have tried to connect to audiences through their musical talent, while I cannot deny that some have made a difference and are even on my playlist in loop, but nothing can beat the above voices that have certainly left a mark in my life!

Music …music is the true melody of life. When you are sad you listen to music, when you are happy you listen to music, when you are in love you express your feelings through music, when you have a heart break music makes you cry. Music is a phenomenal language, a language that universally connects to people’s hearts. To many people in many cultures, music is an important part of their way of life. Ancient Indian Philosophers defined music as tones ordered horizontally as melodies and vertically as harmonies. Well, that being the definition of music, to me music is something that I can’t do without. It helps me emote in true sense, be it happy, sad or even excited for that matter music defines my very mood.

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